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    Developed through a joint effort of the Department of Radiology and the Department of Medicine/Cardiology, the laboratory is located within the University of Chicago's Carlson Animal Research Facility.

    The Facility's main imaging system includes the GMI-Triumph Tri-Modality Pre-Clinical microPET/SPECT/CT.

    The GMI tri-modality system provides anatomical, functional, and molecular imaging of small live animals, tissues, cells, materials, ex vivo specimens, mummified or other specimens with high quantitative reliability.

    High-resolution detailed 3D anatomy and/or structures are acquired via the CT subsystem; quantitative metabolic imaging using F-18 labeled deoxyglucose (FDG) are acquired via the PET subsystem; various functional, physiologic, and molecular imaging can be performed using a variety of radiotracers by PET and/or SPECT, and by CT when specific contrast agents are used.