Developed through a joint effort of the Department of Radiology and the Department of Medicine/Cardiology, the laboratory is located within the University of Chicago's Carlson Animal Research Facility.

    Thanks to institutional support, the Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource has recently acquired new, state-of- the-art microCT and microPET scanners. The instruments manufactured by Molecubes, have an innovative, compact benchtop design for easy and modular multimodal imaging. The X-CUBE, the high-throughput micro-CT scanner, allows for fast whole body mouse and rat CT imaging at extremely low dose and excellent soft tissue contrast. The β-CUBE is a high performance microPET imaging. Equipped with the latest detector technology, it achieves high-sensitivity allowing imaging with low radiotracer dose, and sub-millimeter resolution ideal for imaging of whole mouse and rat body.

    To complete the new set-up, Molecubes g-Cube for microSPECT will be installed in November. The systems provides anatomical, functional, and molecular imaging of small live animals, tissues, cells, materials, ex vivo specimens, mummified or other specimens with high quantitative reliability.Various functional, physiologic, and molecular imaging can be performed using a variety of common or new radiotracers produced by the Cyclotron facility by PET and/or SPECT, and by CT when specific contrast agents are used.