The PET/SPECT/CT Subcore offers the following services:

    Imaging of small live animals, tissues, cells, materials, ex vivo specimens, mummified or other specimens.
    • 3D high resolution anatomy by CT
    • Quantitative metabolic imaging via 18-F labeled FDG by PET
    • Functional, metabolic, physiologic imaging using a variety or radiotracers via PET and/or SPECT and CT when specific contrast agents are used.
    • Multi-modality imaging in coordination with Optical Imaging and MRIS Subcores.

    Users may select CT only scans, SPECT only scans, PET only scans or a combination of all three in any order.

    Image Analysis: assistance in image interpretation and data analysis including enhanced processing and reconstruction of 3D tomographic images, physiological modeling and derivation of parametric images are available in conjunction with ICAR Core Facility

    Consultation: The PET/SPECT/CT staff provides assistance in designing of imaging experiments and protocols. Such support ranges from the selection of radiotracers and/or contrast agents to imaging protocol design and implementation tailored to the needs of a specific study.